After running a successful Kickstarter campaign in the fall of the 2014 for a new record, Tavonna Miller finally got together with engineer Avi Gunther (Snarky Puppy), bassist Sara Coffin (Angelique Kidjo), guitarist Maddie Rice (Big Bang!), & drummer Jazz Robertson (Michael McDonald) to record the rhythm section for her entire new sophomore record!

The talented group got together at Bunker Studios in Brooklyn, NY to track songs from the new record that are all inspired by the Beauty of Believing- which happened to also be the theme of the Kickstarter campaign!

"I'm really looking forward to this next record! It is such a new direction for my art and mirrors how I have developed as an artist since my debut album but also mirrors how I have developed as a woman. 

With songs like 'I Hate the Way You Hold Me' and 'A Whole Lotta Trouble' , which were quite popular amongst my crowd, I really wanted to challenge myself with this new record to write material about experiences that are not as familiar to me....experiences in love that have less of a domininant emotion behind them...

... I wanted to challenge myself and write even more poignantly about my hopes and dreams than I have about my heartbreaks...

...I am really REALLY excited to share this piece with the world and all of my fans who have been waiting patiently!"